Fee for Property Management

Per Month

Annual Rental Income Range / Percentage of Fee Charged

  • < Rs.3,00,000 / 8.0% or Determined after analysis
  • Rs.3,00,001 - Rs.6,00,000 / 7.5%
  • Rs.6,00,001 - Rs.10,00,000 / 6.5%
  • Rs.10,00,001 - Rs.20,00,000 / 6.0%
  • Rs.20,00,001 - Rs.30,00,000 / 5.5%
  • Rs.3,00,001 - Rs.6,00,000 / 5.0% or Determined after analysis
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Note:Property Management Fee is charged at the beginning when the contract is signed. An yearly renewal fee is at the beginning of the financial year (April 1st).


Fee for Major Repairs & Renovations

9.5% of the Total Project Cost

  • a) Role of the Company or its representative(s) will be like Project Manager role, will over see the work/project which is being carried by different departments/vendors. All planning, coordination and execution of the work will be carried. We will act like EARS & EYES of the Owner
  • b) Company or its representatives will NOT be making any decisions or would handle the money while executing the project (Renovation Tasks).
  • c) Company or its representatives would act like ears & eyes of the property owner.
  • d) Company would arrange the vendor(s) and negotiate the prices on the owner behalf. The final authority in selecting the vendor lies on the property owner.
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Rental Fee

a) Tenant Finding Fee (Collected from Property Owner)

Duration in Finding a Tenant / Fee

  • Less than 3 months / 15 days rent or 1/2 month rent
  • More than 3 months / 1 month rent

b) Property Finding Fee (Collected from the Tenant)

Rental Value / Fee

  • Less than Rs. 15,000 / 1 month rent
  • More than Rs. 15,000 / 15 days rent or 1/2 month rent
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Seller Fee

a) Typical Property Sale

Transactional Value / Fee

  • < Rs. 1 Crore / 2% of the transactional value
  • Rs. 1 Crore & above / 1.5% of the transactional value

b) Property Sale + Taxation + IT Clearance + Money Repatriation (End-to-End Services)

  • 3.0% of the transactional value and any incidental expenses & CA fee are extra.
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Plot and Land Monitoring Charges

Charges will be determined based on the requirements like: Simple monitoring (4 times in a year), etc.

Note: A non-refundable enrollment fee of $99 is charged before the property is visited for the first time.


    Obtain Documents and Documents Verification Services

    $4.99 per hour

    Note: We obtain any required documents, any government fee, incidental expenses & travel charges are extra. We also get the documents verification done for the buyer (On buyer behalf)